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Medical Billing and Coding Training

Medical billing and coding specialist speaks to a doctor about patient diagnosis codes while a patient checks in at the front desk.

The path to success in any career starts from a desire within. Success is often the result of the right training, education, one’s personal outlook in life, and networking avenues made available. The rapid advancement of today’s medicine and technology is creating a lot of opportunities for seasoned medical insurance biller and coders and those just starting out in the career field.

Medical billers are valuable members of any health care team. They are dedicated individuals who normally work away from the public’s eye in an office processing claims or in an administrative or billing department. Each time a patient receives medical attention, a claim must be coded and submitted to a patient’s health care provider. Medical coders get involved in the process by verifying the claim, and billing and checking payment status.

Medical insurance billing and coding work requires procedural knowledge of industry practices and close attention to details. The medical billing and coding training taught at Everest teaches students the basic concepts and procedures to perform the tasks associated with filling out health insurance forms and coding medical procedures and medical terminology.

Everest’s hands-on Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program includes:

  • Claims processing/collection strategies
  • Current procedural coding
  • Diagnostic coding
  • And more

Students get to sharpen their skills through simulated practices where they manually and electronically prepare insurance claims. Thus, a combination of skills can be developed, including proficiency in medical terminology, preparing and processing insurance claims, establishing and maintaining patient records, and properly coding medical procedures and patient medications. Students are also encouraged to round out personal training by developing strong keyboarding and computer skills.

At Everest, we realize that getting an education is but one piece of the puzzle. Learning with teachers who are qualified and true industry professionals, along with their ability to bring and share valuable experiences with students on a daily basis helps students to learn quicker and better.

When students have completed their program, we push hard to make sure resumes are up to par, cover letters are written, and that they have access to job and message boards where industry employers are looking for candidates with entry-level job qualifications.

Interested in learning more? Contact Everest today and start training for an exciting and challenging career as a medical insurance biller and coder.

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