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Medical Billing and Coding Articles

Understanding Your Medical Bill

It's important to understand the form and structure of medical bills. Here are the principal parts of a typical medical bill and what they mean.


The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Your Medical Billing Career

If you're a medical billing specialist in a medical practice or an outside medical billing firm -- or you want to be one -- learn more about HIPAA's Privacy Rule.


Obamacare and Medical Billing and Coding Careers

How will the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly known as "Obamacare," affect medical billing and coding careers?


9 Awesome Study Tips for Learning Medical Billing Codes

Medical billing and coding training indeed requires effort. But there are proven ways to make that effort more productive -- and more enjoyable. Strangely enough, the more work you put into your studies, the easier that work eventually becomes.


Salary of a Medical Billing and Coding Professional - Everest College

Are you interested in MIBC, but don't know the salary of a medical billing and coding professional? Learn more about pay for medical billing and coding.


Top 10 Reasons to Train for a Medical Billing and Coding Career

As demanding as medical billing and coding is, there are many compelling reasons to pursue medical billing and coding as your career. Here are 10 of them.


Change Is Coming to MIBC: ICD-10-CM to Arrive in 2014

In October 2014, the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) is scheduled to replace the decades-old ICD-9 as the bible of American medical insurance billing and coding. MIBC specialists are preparing to upgrade to ICD-10-CM, an expanded and more accurate way of coding diseases and procedures.


Prepare for a Career As a Medical Insurance Biller and Coder

Why not make a move to ready yourself for a career in the critical health care field as a medical insurance biller and coder? Medical insurance billers and coders are distinguished by two hugely important roles within the medical coding environment. Medical insurance billers and coders manage patient records, insurance billing, accounting and database entries. Medical insurance billers and coders working in the front office apply skills without having to work directly with patients.


Medical Billing and Coding Training Can Do a Lot for Your Career

Due to the advancement of medicine, people are living longer. This presents an opportunity for anyone looking to train for a career as a medical billing and coding professional who makes a living converting medical diagnoses into standard codes.


Rules For Posting Your Medical Billing and Coding Resume Online

Posting your resume online have different layout guidelines compared to traditional resumes. Get the results you deserve by following a few simple rules.


Critical Health Care Management - Medical Billing and Coding Practices

It's not hard to imagine the possibility of an accident while visiting a city or other state. You're rushed to a nearby hospital and the attending physician has no immediate knowledge of the current medications or pharmaceuticals you may be allergic to. In such a critical moment, does the technology to retrieve vital information from your doctor's office or your local pharmacy exist?


Meeting Medical Billing and Coding Challenges Head On

The right staffing, training and education can go a long way in meeting the demands of keeping medical insurance and billing coders at the top of their game. Facilities with unique processes are usually the ones with the greatest challenges, and finding certified medical billing and coding applicants to fill the gap is critical if the revenue cycle is to be properly maintained.


Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Terminology Explained

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding uses language all professionals need to understand. If you are thinking about training for a Medical Insurance Billing and Coding career, here's some basic terminology with which you need to be familiar.


Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Explained

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding is a highly specialized field that is critical to the operation of modern medical offices. Following is an explanation of this increasingly popular profession.


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