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By Colin McLean

Life expectancy of the average individual has increased and the health care industry marches boldly into the 21st century. New medical developments, along with the latest software, means that well trained and qualified medical billing and coding specialists will be needed to keep pace with the increased demand for professionals who can convert detailed medical diagnoses and measures into precise standard codes.

Researches are always busy working behind the medical scene working on breakthroughs that vastly improve people's health and prolong life for many. Here are five potential game-changers that the world is watching.

  1. A True HIV Vaccine: According to, researches from the U.S. and abroad have shown a single-dose HIV DNA vaccine has the potential to induce long-lasting HIV-specfic immune response in nonhuman primates.
  2. A Cure for Alzheimer's Disease: Is the loss of memory, due to defective enzymes in the brain, largely responsible for the onset of Alzheimer's. Can a new drug, Bryostatin, be the solution?
  3. Effective Treatment of Cancer: The medical world, according to, is paying close attention to research that indicates exercise can significantly help lower the risks of cancer.
  4. A Method of Preventing Heart Attacks: The discovery of omega-3 fatty acids that yield protective cardiac effects, is cited by

What do medical breakthroughs mean for individuals looking to pursue a career in the field of medical billing and coding? It means that the industry will have to keep pace with the advancement of medicine and continue to produce qualified medical billing coders who have the training, skills, and confidence to make a difference from the first day they're on the job.

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