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By Colin McLean

The career world is increasingly competitive and the more you can do to gain an advantage over others who are less prepared, the quicker your dream of medical billing and coding career success can be realized. Unfortunately, many people still assume the resume submitted online is the same format as the one created to print and mail out to prospective employers. To get the attention of employers online, today's resume needs a different format to copy, paste and email.

If optimized correctly, your online resume can include all the necessary keywords and can be indexed online, scanned in a resume database, or read by a real person in a human resources department.

Resume Versions to Keep Handy

Scannable Version

This can be a less-designed version void of fancy design highlights. Bulleted lists are okay and can be the creative limit.

Print Version

This is a printed resume version with bulleted lists, italicized text and any other available highlights. This layout can work for printing, delivering hand-to-hand or mailing.

Email Version

An email version of your resume works well for length of line email restrictions. This should be text-only copy.

Plain Text

Also referred to as text-only, this version can easily be ready to cut and paste into online forms and resume databases whenever you choose.

It is always a best practice to prepare your resume well in advance for spell check errors and to revise as necessary. It is critical that you find and correct any errors before submitting. A flawless medical insurance billing and coding resume reveals you are the type of person that pays attention to detail.

Most online resume venues prefer a chronological format where the focus is on a person's work history. If you are a career changer and focusing on skills, this type of format may place you at a disadvantage.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of using the submission forms provided by an online database. Writing a resume is a lot of work and your submission will be for one site only. This means you will have to repeat your submission efforts on every database you encounter.

HTML Resumes

Many of today's job seekers opt to create a "webbed" resume version. These job seekers have high hopes of being discovered by employers looking to find more than the usual information found in a typical resume.

Start with basic HTML. Avoid the overloaded pages created by programs such as Shockwave and Java. Huge graphics and audio files are fine and have their own proper place and time for submittal. Keep in mind you want an employer to download your resume as quickly as possible.

An HTML resume should include valid links to projects and previous employers where your work can readily be seen. List highlights of your medical insurance billing and coding training and skills. And remember, keep it simple and clean looking.

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