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Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Jacksonville

As the population in America ages, it's fair to assume the aging may need more medical services. The right training can help prepare you to provide these services. If you live in Duval County and you're looking for more information about quality medical billing and coding schools in Jacksonville, Everest University can be your starting point.

What Do Medical Biller and Coders Do?

Medical biller and coders are responsible for ensuring that they properly record the patient records. It's necessary to record data accurately due to requirements set by government and private insurers. These requirements help make it possible for health care provides to receive payment. Your training may qualify you to pursue entry-level positions in hospitals, nursing home facilities, doctors' offices and outpatient clinics.

Medical Billing and Coding Training

Everest's Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program can help you put your skills and talents to good use in a career that can make a difference. Your training can help you learn the basic concepts needed to be a success in your field. These include procedures and terms, interviewing and documenting skills, completing and managing forms, coding and more.

Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Getting an Everest education is the fist step. Pursuing and finding a job that you can build into a career is just as critical to your success. After earning your diploma from Everest, you can pursue entry-level career opportunities that may include:

  • Medical insurance biller
  • Medical records clerk
  • Insurance verification clerk
  • Patient account representative
  • Insurance member services representative

Everest's Career Services team will help you write a cover letter and resume. You'll also gain personal experience and develop confidence through participating in practice interviews. Everest's Career Services team will also provide job leads as they become available. They're committed to helping you land that first job and starting your career. 

Medical Billing and Coding Professional Associations

Associations can be helpful in a number of ways, like keeping you up-to-date about industry trends and salary information. They can also provide networking opportunities and information about nationwide employment opportunities.

Several national billing and coding associations include:

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